Nautilus (2017)

for MIDI (synth, pad, bells, drone)

Duration: 3 minutes

Nautilus Nautilus is an ambient piece which attempts to portray the feeling of underwater exploration.

Performed by: Johnathon Kwisses

Be Cool, Bb (2016)

for electric guitar, acoustic guitar, drums, and percussion

Duration: 2 minutes 50 seconds

Be Cool, Bb is the first song that includes multiple artists from around the world. It started out as a small one-minute idea and blossomed from there.*

*Note: Johnathon is currently seeking a vocalist to perform on this work. Contact him for more information.

Performed by: Johnathon Kwisses & nicodrums

Pi (2016)

for piano, voice, bass, and electronics

Duration: 6 minutes 46 seconds

Pi (2016) is an instrumental track generated based on the first 64 numbers of pi. Each note corresponds to one of the numbers in this range. More specifically, this piece is an attempt at procedurally-generated music.

Click here for view the complete score.

Performed by: MIDI

Sentimental Soundscapes (EP) (2015)

for voice, guitar, electronics

Duration: 26 minutes 15 seconds

Sentimental Soundscapes is dedicated to the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women of Canada.

Sentimental Soundscapes – EP (2015) is the product of deep introspection and thus is a piece of work that is entirely based on concepts. It embraces reality while attaining to notions of idealistic fantasy. Every piece of music in this EP includes audio recordings which include recorded sounds from specific physical locations. These recordings are manipulated to reflect the concept(s) behind each piece.

Click here for view the complete score.

Performed by: Johnathon Kwisses

Ascending Dreams (2014)

for oboe, tenor saxophone, violin, and harp

Duration: 6 minutes 3 seconds

Special thanks to Michael Consoli for allowing the use of his game in this piece.

Ascending Dreams (2014) is a composition for oboe, tenor sax, violin, and harp that shows how video can enhance one’s experience of live music. By itself, the music is a complete entity, but lacks context. To add context, there will be game play footage from a video game called, Against the Wall by Michael Consoli, playing in the background as the performers play the piece. The ensemble does not have to respond to the video in any way. The video is for the audience as they will connect both the game play footage and the music as being one entity instead of two.

Click here for view the complete score.

Click here for view the video.

Performed by: MIDI

The Campaign Against Notus (2013)

for alto saxophone and piano

Duration: 2 minutes 10 seconds

The Campaign Against Notus (2013) is a piece for piano and alto saxophone that uses proportional notation where each system is divided into 20″ (second) intervals. The time notated does not have to be exact unless notated with a dashed vertical line. This could lead the performer to accelerate or decelerate to match the dashed vertical lines. The saxophone part has lots of freedom when it comes to vibrato. The piano part will naturally get faster as the notes get less space between them.

Click here for view the complete score.

Performers: Roger Admiral, piano; Allison Balcetis, alto saxophone

Other Works

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