The DailyProgrammer Repository found is a project I work on daily. It consists of daily challenges from the DailyProgrammer subreddit. There are hundreds of challenges that will keep anyone busy for quite a long time. So, I decided that I would attempt one challenge every day and document my progress when I feel the need to do so. View GitHub Repository:



Unison is a speech-to-text and text-to-speech program that allows users control over their computer via voice command. Unison aims to be a valuable tool for people with visual impairments. View GitHub Repository:


Block Defence is a tower defence game made with Python and Pygame. It was a good project to code and I enjoyed bringing it to completion. Looking at the bigger picture, the game was a milestone and a big step towards more game development endeavors. View GitHub Repository:



ThoughtBox is a mobile app that stores user input (thoughts) and displays them at random. The app is loosely based on Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies, a system to help artists be more creative by lateral thinking. View GitHub Repository:



Metronome is a desktop metronome for Windows written in Python with Tkinter. This was a good project to code and is one of my favorite apps that I have developed. It’s simple, easy-to-use, and serves a purpose among the music community. View GitHub Repository:



KwisBot is a chat bot for that auto responds to users in the hosts chat channel. The bot can be customized by adding a trigger/response type command. View on GitHub :