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Yoga for a Healthier Music Practice

Yoga is centered around principles of balance and awareness. There have been many studies done on how yoga can improve physical performance in athletes. However, there seems to be a lack of interest in how yoga can help musicians! This lack of interest is likely due to the fact that one does not associate the strenuous movements required in sports to the subtle gestures used to create music. Interest in this area has increased over […]

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Side Projects That Serve Multiple Purposes

Let’s suppose you are a Software Developer working on a project for a client. Your client wants software that will grab information from a database to be displayed in a graphical format. You work on the project until it is complete and then hand the software over to them. Your client is pleased with the result and pays you the agreed fee. With the project now completed, you move on to the next client… Let’s stop there and […]

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Taking a Scientific Approach to Learning New Skills: A Reflection Post Image

Taking a Scientific Approach to Learning New Skills: A Reflection Post

As the title of this post suggests, I have come to a point of reflection. For the past year, I have been learning Python, HTML, and Java. These three computer programming languages all have differences and similarities and I have come to find that learning one of them enhances the “learnability” of the others. However, I won’t be talking about the specific languages at length here. Instead, I would like to discuss my experience with learning them […]

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Metronome Project

As a musician, I practice to a metronome. Up until now, I used a metronome on my phone. I switched to a desktop metronome, but there were few desktop metronomes available for the desktop. So, I decided to take action and develop one!

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